Saturday, June 27, 2009

August Flower of the Month

August Flower of the Month

Zones: 5 to 11
Lily Art

The flowers come in many shades and shapes. They are brightly colored or spotted.

The flowers have a trumpet shape and long stems.

Lilies are a regal looking plant, they like being in flower beds and in woodland areas too. There are many varieties of Lilies. Their flowers are shaped like a trumpet. Many of the flowers grow to be seven or eight inches wide! Lilies come from a bulb, you plant them in the Fall or Spring. They flower from Summer through Fall. Lilies tower over many other plants, use them behind shorter plants or plant many of them in a group. As always with bulbs, wait until the leaves turn yellow before you cut the leaves down. Lilies never go completely dormant, be sure to continue watering them. The stems of the Lily are sturdy so they shouldn't need to be staked. They like partial to full sun and can grow from 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall! They are the stars of the Summer garden.