Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crocus Bulbs

Crocus vernus
Zones: 3 to 10

Crocus have corms which are like bulbs (just like Iris have rhizomes, they are all generally called bulbs, but these have different shapes). You plant Crocus corms 5 inches deep. Their leaves look like blades of grass, which is why many people plant them in a lawn area. They are also good companions for almost any Spring bulb or flower because they are not very tall and come in nice shades of color like purple, yellow and white. The leaves usually come up before the flower does. There are Crocus that bloom in Spring and in Fall. Plant them in the opposite season of when you want them to bloom. Most Crocus bloom in late Winter to early Spring. They grow 4-6 inches tall, and their flower petals open wide at the top. They prefer partial or full sun. Always be sure to keep all bulb leaves on the plant until they get yellow, because the bulb is still growing and storing up food from the leaves for next year! Crocus can be one of the first flowers to appear even before Spring starts.