Tuesday, June 30, 2009

December Flower of the Month

December Flower of the Month

Lantana montevidensis
Zones 9 to 11
Lantana Art

The flowers are shaped like a small bouquet, in bright colors of yellow, purple and orange mixed colors

They have many flowers all year long when they live in mild climates

Lantana is a wonderful woody plant that is evergreen throughout the year. The leaves have a bitter smell to them and turn a purplish color by Fall. Lantana blooms Mid-Spring to Mid-Fall, and blooms all year long when you are in mild Winter zones. The flowers look like tiny bouquets all over the plant! Trailing Lantana is very pretty shrub and hardy, they like full sun. Even if you trim Lantana, it grows back full of flowers, but you don't even have to trim it if you don't want to. If you see scraggly stems, cut them back in Fall or early Spring. Lantana is very pretty to see because it blooms when few plants have flowers. Lantana can grow branches from 3 to 4 foot wide, they arch up and out from the plant. Lantana can grow up to 24 inches tall as well, so give it plenty of room to grow. I like planting it in places other plants won't grow because it is easy to care for and isn't fussy about where its planted, just be sure water drains well from the soil. It also looks good in hanging planters, have a sturdy planter and hanger because Lantana really grows well when it likes where its planted! Try to keep Lantana watered well, it can tolerate dry soil but likes moist soil better. You can also add some compost to help it grow even better. Lantana brightens up your garden with its many sprays of flowers and easy to care for ways.