Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lamb's Ear - Kid Friendly Plants

Kid-Friendly Plants

Lambs Ear
Stachys bizantina
Zones: 4 to 9

This type of Lambs Ear is called Silver Carpet because of it's silvery color. It's a Perennial which means it doesn't have to be planted every year, but keeps growing. The leaves are woolly, downy and soft. Other kinds have gray leaves. Some Lambs Ear have pink or purple flowers that grow up on spikes above the leaves (but Silver Carpet doesn't grow any flowers). They usually flower in late Spring or early Summer. They like sun or some shade, and grow thick and wide (like a carpet). If you feel their leaves, you will see why they are called Lambs Ear! They are actually an herb. They can grow up to 1 foot tall and 1-2 feet wide. Lambs Ear is used in borders and as a ground cover, usually below a taller plant.