Monday, June 22, 2009

March Flower of the Month

March Flower of the Month

Primula polyantha
Zones: 3-1
Primrose Art by Katie

The Primrose comes in many colors: Lavender, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow

It's a good flower for Spring because: It blooms in cold weather; it looks good in flower pots

The Primrose comes in a rainbow of colors and are often a sign of Spring. They look good with Spring blooming bulbs. The many different kinds of Primroses provide instant color in late Winter through Spring. Primroses are short-lived Perennials, most people replant them every year just like Annuals. They attract butterflies! Primroses are easy to grow in shade or partial sun and moist soil. They don't like Winter dampness or Summer heat. They bloom in late Winter to mid-Spring, and can grow from 10 inches to 1 foot tall. You can start planting them while it's still Winter. The bright colors are a happy reminder that Spring is almost here!