Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grape Hyacinth - Kid Friendly Plants

Kid-Friendly Plants

Grape Hyacinth


Zone: 3 - 8

Grape Hyacinth is a Bulb, which is a kind of flower that contains everything it needs in it to grow except water! This bulb is good to use for the Spring. You can plant the bulbs 1 inch apart, then watch as the many leaves come up straight and curve over. They usually start coming up in late January or early February. You'll see a stem with a blue flower that looks alot like grapes, only upside down! The bulbs look good in flowerpots, flower beds and below other plants that are taller. They grow about 6-12 inches tall and like to be planted where they get lots of sun, or a little shade. They are usually blue and there are some that are white. They multiply every year, and look really good with daffodils. Just make sure you water every week if it stops raining during the fall and winter months.