Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kid's Science Project Resources

Science Project Resources
Just as it says, lots of fun and science info too.

Kid's Tools for Searching

This is an awesome collection of search tools to help you find what you need for your project.

Kids Turn Central
Science and botany links for your science project.

Explorations 4 Kids
Plant science projects from A to Z.

Kids Online Resources
Online resources for kid's science and botany projects.

Kids Gardening
Kids gardening site has lots of resources for gardening information, even a school greenhouse guide.

Life 123
You can find plant science project ideas here with instructions on how to create your gardening project.

There is a list of weather and seasons science project with instructions on how to achieve results. Gardening Projects
Here are two garden science projects you can try out including growing your own personal garden in a bucket.