Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May Flower of the Month

May Flower of the Month

Zones: All
Nasturtium Art

Nasturtiums are decorative: They come in bright colors like Orange, Red and Yellow. They like to live in the sun. You can grow them by seed.

They are unusual because: They are edible, with fragrant and spicy flowers and leaves which can be used in salads.

Nasturtiums are grown best from seed, because they do not like to be transplanted. They are bright and colorful, some varieties come in pastel colors, and some like the Alaska variety have a marbelized look to their leaves. Most Nasturtiums have large round shaped green leaves, they can become huge! They bloom in mid-Spring to late Summer and like full sun. They can grow up to 18 inches wide and 10 inches tall. You plant the seeds in early to late Spring and also late Winter, wait until all danger of frost is past or for Winter, plant before the frost starts. Actually, Nasturtiums don't mind being neglected. Nasturtiums are Annuals in all zones so you replant them unless they reseed which they usually do when they like where they are planted. They are Perennials in zones 15-24 and keep growing. They don't need fancy soil, in fact they can be in regular old soil and do just fine. They don't need alot of water (don't overwater them) and are very easy to grow. Be sure not to fertilize them or you will have big leaves and hardly any flowers. There are single and double flowering varieties, many Nasturtiums are trailing and climbing vines, while some are dwarf sized. They like dry soil and cool weather in order to flower the most. The best part of Nasturtiums are their bright flowers which look as if they might be smiling from all the sunshine!