Friday, June 26, 2009

July Flower of the Month

July Flower of the Month

Zones: Not hardy except in mild
Winter climates, Zones 9-11
Freesia Art

The flowers are shades and colors mixed together, Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Pink, Purple and more

The flowers have a tubuler shape and smell wonderful!

This is a wonderful bulb (also known as a corm) that produces many fragrant flowers on wiry stems. They are natives of South Africa, and are similiar to Gladiolus in the type of flower and care of the plant. In colder areas you can plant the corms in Spring or in pots indoors. They make excellent cut flowers as well. When you grow Freesia as a houseplant, you wait until the leaves turn yellow and wither (just like outdoor) to dig up the bulbs. You must dig up the corms in cold areas to save and replant for the next year, as Freesia are not very hardy. Freesia will self-sow seeds if you leave the flowers on the stems. When you grow them outdoors, plant lots of them in a group. It helps to have other plants around them because they have very tall thin stems and tend to lean over from the weight of all the flowers. They are delicate and grow from 1' to 1 1/2' feet tall. Freesia bloom in early Spring to early Summer, and prefer partial to full sun.