Sunday, June 28, 2009

September Flower of the Month

September Flower of the Month

Butterfly Bush
Zones 5-9
Butterfly Bush Art

The flowers are cone shaped, similiar to Lilacs, in colors of Purple, White and Pink

Butterflys love their flowers!

The Butterfly Bush is named after the Butterflies who love to visit it's blossoms. This Perennial grows very large, usually up to 6-8 feet tall or even taller! It is known as a shrub, with woody stems you cut back every year to help it grow and produce flowers by August. The flowers are tiny, but there are so many of them they form a long cone shape at the end of the branches. It usually takes a year for them to become comfortable where they are planted, then they grow really big the next year. They like alot of full sunshine and need watering every week (and good drainage), especially during the blooming season. Be sure to use mulch at the base of the plant during the cold months of winter.

Some of the varieties die back to the ground and some need pruning because the new flowers grow on new wood grown in Spring. The first year do not prune them quite as far as they are new, then after the first year you can cut them "hard" until they are only about 1-1 1/2 feet from the ground. Prune them in early Spring (after the last frost) so they have plenty of time to produce lots of flowers by Summertime! If you have questions about pruning, check with your local nursery.